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Framing Tickets

Framing TicketsA Leader In Sports & Concert Event Ticket Frames

Tuff Stuff - December, 2005

Being a leader in an industry means setting the standard with your business by constantly working on innovative ideas to make the quality of your products better and better.

That is the approach by Thatís My Ticket, the leader in the area of ticket stubs as collectibles and the many options collectors have to display their collection of tickets. If it is framing that special ticket stub or reliving the memories of attending a special sporting or concert event, Thatís My Ticket is at the head of the class with its professional-looking products

Now in its third year of business, Thatís My Ticket focuses on creating products designed for displaying tickets for sporting events and concerts. New products and displays are always being developed, but the constant favorite is easily the ticket frame. No other company can deliver what Thatís My Ticket can with the ticket frame, which is the ultimate item for capturing all the memories and details of an event.

ďPeople who are collecting memorabilia are also going to these incredible games like a Super Bowl, or a 3,000-hit game,Ē said president and founder, Dean Macchi. ďThese are a great memory for those games that you can say, I was there.Ē

The ticket frame consists of many different components that display the memories from a particular event. With the ticket from the game as a centerpiece, the ticket frame is able to combine every aspect of attending the event into one piece that looks great and captures the wonderful experience.

A headline and subheadline from the game are used in the frame to highlight the gameís significance along with a story that recaps the big match-up and includes quotes from the key players and coaches. To go with the story, the box score with all the statistics is included in the frame to remember what players were involved. In addition, two spaces are devoted to pictures in the ticket frame. A licensed photo from the game along with an area to place your own 4-by-6 photo that you snapped while there is also included in each frame. Finally, the most important aspect would be the ticket to the event that gives you the ability to say, ďI was there.Ē

ďThere has always been a need for framing tickets, but there just never has been a product that is nice enough and neat enough to do that until Thatís My Ticket,Ē Macchi said.

For businesses looking to take care of those special clients, Thatís My Ticket is a great option. The corporate ticket frame is specially made for each order and can make the experience of a business outing last forever. The corporate ticket frame can be made so the client can look at it in their office each day and recall the wonderful experience. Specially designed to include company logos, the corporate ticket frame will have clients signing deals left and right for you.

The workers at Thatís My Ticket have plenty of experience putting together first-class frames for fans to relive their favorite sporting events. Thanks to the companyís state-of-the-art equipment and an educated group of workers, Thatís My Ticket is able to put together beautiful frames and displays at a rather inexpensive price. Instead of going to someone who has little experience doing this or trying to build your own frame, they strive to offer a great product at a price collectors can still afford.

Even if you were not able to attend a memorable sporting or concert event, they have plenty of other options to display a historic moment.

Frames are available that can include anything from a generic framing of a ticket and a picture of the stadium, to the elaborate ticket frame will all the unique features.

Thatís My Ticket has an extensive inventory of used ticket stubs from the biggest concert and sporting events. Its Web site, www.thatsmyticket.com, has plenty of resources for ticket collectors to educate themselves on the hobby as well as add more tickets to their collection. The Web site features a highly frequented message board where fans can chat or buy and sell tickets.

The options for fans collecting tickets or just looking for a great display piece for a memorable event are endless at Thatís My Ticket. The Massachusetts- based business has grown the past three years to become the leader in the ticket industry.