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Ticket Broker Program

3 Easy ways working with TMT can help ticket brokers make more money.

We offer ticket agencies a turn-key affiliate program. Your customers receive a special offer along with a coupon code that matches your company name. Every time this coupon code is used as part of a purchase, you will receive a percentage of the product's sale. Our web site tracks all sales and you will receive checks monthly or quarterly based on volume. Please note this offer can be delivered to your customers via regular email communication (monthly newsletter, holiday email blast, etc.) as well as be included as part of your regular outgoing ticket mailings. Please ask us how you can be part of our Ticket Agency Affiliation Program today.

2. INCREMENTAL SALES All of the unique ticket displays that we manufacturer are available at wholesale prices. Thus, you can stock your office and offer these items directly to your customers as they come in to pick-up their tickets. Products include Ticket Frames, CD Frames, Ticket Albums, Mega Tickets, Mini-Mega Tickets, Ticket Lanyards, Ticket Boxes, and more. Our product line also makes a very attractive display for your location and offers you a chance to generate additional dollars on every ticket sold.

3. CUSTOMER LOYALTY You have key clients. Everyone has tickets. Outstanding customer service is the one thing that will always separate you from other companies and keep your customers coming back. Our products can help. By putting your company logo on our Ticket Displays, you remind your customer who hooks them up with the best seats in town. Use our Ticket Albums or Ticket Boxes as giveaways. Use our Ticket Frames for those elite corporate clients. Use our Personalized Mega Tickets when you want to go the extra mile. Whatever the need, whatever the price point, we have the product.