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CD & Album Frames

CD & Album FramesFrom the always-evolving music world and, as a stripped-down version of our Concert Ticket Frame, comes our line of CD Frames. Thanks to an attractiveness far greater than the 8-track or cassette as well as a shelf life exponentially longer than the album, the Compact Disc makes for unmistakably killer wall art.

FEATURES Each CD Frame comes double matted and is professionally framed. CD jacket covers rest comfortably in an exclusively designed rigid sleeve that preserves the cover’s condition while discs are secured via a foam hub. All CD Frame products are available in 11 colors enabling you to create displays limited only by your imagination. Plus, as your musical mood—or perhaps even your home decor—changes, you can change the CD in your frame and the way it is displayed.

AUTOGRAPHED CDs Ever been backstage at a concert or participated in a band meet-and-greet? For those fans with autographed discs and/or signed jacket covers, our line of CD Frame products is the ultimate way to trumpet that experience while preserving the condition and value of the CD.

GONE DIGITAL What are you doing with your CDs after downloading them to your MP3 or iPod player? Turn them into art with any of our CD Frame products. If, for any reason, you ever need the actual disc again, you’ll know exactly where it is. Plus, it takes only a few minutes to remove your CD from the frame.

GETTING PERSONAL You made that special CD for a reason. You took the time to make sure the cover is perfect; don't let it gather dust. Frame it. Or perhaps your friend's band is having a CD release party, here's a chance to say congratulations.