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2019 NHL Stadium Series - Penguins vs Flyers
2019 NHL All-Star Game - San Jose
2019 NHL Winter Classic - Bruins vs Blackhawks
2018 Stanley Cup Final - Capitals vs Knights
2018 NHL Stadium Series - Maple Leafs vs Capitals
2018 NHL All-Star Game - Tampa Bay Lightning
2018 NHL Winter Classic - Rangers vs Sabres
2017 NHL Stanly Cup Final - Predators vs Penguins
2017 NHL Stadium Series - Flyers vs Penguins
2017 NHL All-Star Game - Los Angeles Kings
2017 NHL Winter Classic - Blackhawks vs Blues
2017 Centennial Classic - Red Wings vs Maple Leafs
2016 Stanley Cup Final - Sharks vs Penguins
2016 NHL Stadium Series - Red Wings vs Avalanche
2016 NHL Stadium Series - Blackhawks vs Wild
2016 NHL All-Star Game - Nashville Predators
2016 NHL Winter Classic - Canadiens vs Bruins
2015 Stanley Cup Final - Blackhawks vs Lightning
2015 NHL Stadium Series - Kings vs Sharks
2015 NHL All-Star Game - Columbus Blue Jackets
2015 NHL Winter Classic - Blackhawks vs Capitals
2014 Stanley Cup Final - Los Angeles Kings
2014 NHL Stadium Series - NY, LA, Chicago
2014 NHL Winter Classic - Maple Leafs vs Red Wings
2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Blackhawks Champions
2012 NHL Stanley Cup Final - LA Kings
2012 NHL Winter Classic - Rangers vs Flyers
2011 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Boston Bruins
2011 NHL Winter Classic - Capitals vs Penguins
2010 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Chicago Blackhawks
2010 NHL Winter Classic - Flyers vs Bruins
2009 Stanley Cup Finals - Pittsburgh Penguins Champions
2009 NHL Winter Classic - Red Wings vs Blackhawks
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